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When music is streamed, downloaded, broadcast on radio or played live, there are royalties to be collected. Those include royalties due for the performance in a sound recording payable to copyright holders and performers. Globally there are billions in unclaimed royalties from these sources however, the majority of music creators have little to no information about what may be due and are not provided with access to valuable comprehensive data about how and where consumers are listening to their music.

Transparence Entertainment Group ensures the highest level of service to our clients.  We collect and distribute digital performance, audio-visual, private copy, and exclusive license royalties worldwide on behalf of recording artists, master right holders, producers, and DIY music creators. Prioritizing high-touch personal service our mission is to provide transparent, accurate and expedited evaluation of earnings, identify unclaimed royalties, streamline registration & claiming processes, and eliminate superfluous fees by acquiring royalties directly from the source.

Meet The team

Dennis Dreith

Chairman & Co-Founder

Wil Donovan

Director of Artist Royalties

Curtis Franklin

Creative Director

Shari Hoffman

CEO & Co-Founder

Tania Oliveira

Director of Society Relations

Triston Morgan

Executive Assistant/A&R Coordinator

Bruce Waynne

Vice President

Carlos Gonzalez-Avila

Business Development Manager,
Hispanic Market


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